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Dr. Alberghini and Dr. Karim have collaborated successfully in BioGeometry® projects in Europe and North America and are presently partners in BioGeometry® Energy Systems Ltd. based in Switzerland.


Featured BioGeometry® Projects:

Hemberg, Switzerland
In autumn 2002, a mobile phone antenna was put into operation on a church tower in Hemberg and opposed by the local inhabitants. A pilot research project under the patronage of the Swiss Mediation Authority for Mobile Communication and Environment (MAMCE), and in collaboration with leading governmental telecom provider Swisscom, implemented BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing to remedy ailments of electro-sensitivity in the rural town of Hemberg. BioGeometry® was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. Media coverage, supported by official releases by the MAMCE and an independent study of the project, dubbed the results "The Miracle of Hemberg." In a Swiss television interview with the Mayor and residents of Hemberg almost two years later (Sept. 2005), the sustained energy-quality balancing effect of BioGeometry was confirmed. For further information, see the study at

Hirschberg, Switzerland
Following the success of the first Swiss BioGeometry® project in Hemberg, BioGeometry® Energy Systems Ltd. was commissioned by the local government of the Swiss town of Hirschberg to implement a similar solution there. The project was documented by Swiss TV Channel 1 (SF1), and the documentary aired on prime-time TV in Switzerland, showing how BioGeometry® was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. The overwhelming positive impact of BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing on the health of the livestock in the area (an important economic factor to this rural town) was remarkable. The documentary referred to the successful project as "Electro-smog: The Miracle of Hirschberg."


The success of architectural design is not only in the creation of a beautiful building but also in using the form inside and outside as a means to create a space that reverberates with a healing and energetic force. In ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Italian Renaissance this was a well-known practice. BioGeometry® revives these ancient principles and integrates them with new energetic discoveries by Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Alberghini Architect Inc. specializes in the services of BioGeometry Energy Rebalancing in any existing building, and designing new buildings according to BioGeometry principles. These services aim to enhance the energy quality and the users’ well-being.

This service comprises evaluation of the geopathic stress (earth magnetic grids) present in the building; change of the quality of the energy frequency that is deleterious to the human body; harmonization of the electromagnetic field (EMF), WiFi, and water electricity; and change of the quality of any chemicals and water that are present in the materials of new or existing structures and are polluting the environmental quality of the building and its surroundings.

Alberghini Architect is associate with Dr. Karim in the company BioGeometry Canada Ltd. in the field of Architecture and is in charge of BioGeometry® projects in Europe. Alberghini Architect Inc. is available to joint venture with other architectural firms to offer services in the BioGeometry® field to the public.

Buildings designed to BioGeometry® canons enhance the energy of their users, inducing calm, well-being and clearance. The clearance comes from changing the quality of the energies, such as EMF, detrimental earth magnetic frequencies, and chemicals in buildings, and restoring the balance with which the earth is imbued naturally. Applying BioGeometric principles does not limit the creative vision of the architect or the designer; rather it enhances the intention to achieve beautiful, harmonious and elegant spaces.

The first building in North America to be conceived and built with the use of BioGeometry®, from the ground up, resulted in astonishing effects on the neighbourhood’s well-being, both physical and psychological, and in improvement to the surrounding nature.

The concern about wasting Earth’s natural resources has generated LEED standards for design and construction. BioGeometry® takes this a step further; in addition to designing in accord with LEED principles, BioGeometry® takes to heart the energy conservation of the users by amplifying the highly beneficial BG3 energy.


DSc, Dipl. Arch.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is an Architect by profession; he graduated from the renowned F.I.T. Zurich, Switzerland, with a master’s degree, and a DSc in Tourist Planning. He occasionally teaches as visiting professor of Architecture at several universities. Dr. Karim owns Alemara Consultants Architecture firm in Egypt and BioGeometry® Energy Systems Ltd.

BioGeometry® was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim after more than 30 years of research. His breakthrough research identified a unique energy effect found in the energetic centres of all living systems. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or centring, to the different energy qualities or effects within any living system. This one centring energy effect is detected through three specific energy qualities that it manifests, and has been termed BG3.

BG3 energy quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy qualities involved. BioGeometry® uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to amplify the presence of this highly beneficial BG3 energy quality, as well as to harmonize energy interactions with the environment.

BioGeometry® is based on a growing body of scientific research and is an applied science by virtue of its successful applicability in numerous fields. BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing solutions are being applied to Architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, boats and airplanes to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and cosmic and earth-energy radiation.

BioGeometry® is also being applied in agriculture and in poultry, fish, and livestock farming to increase productivity and quality, despite the reduction of artificial additives and treatments.



BioGeometry® is a registered trademark of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.