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Harmonization of a House
The "harmonization" of existing buildings, using BioGeometry® principles is done with the following procedure:

Basic Harmonization of a House

  • Determine the geopathic stress existing in the house (mainly Benker grids, which are very powerful wide grids of magnetic energy from the earth as wide as 6–7 feet and running north-south and east-west approximately every 33 feet or 10 metres). These grid lines can cause disturbances in the body – from headaches to cancer – if one sleeps on a crossing, and the energy of the grids can drain one’s immune system.
  • Change the quality of the electrical field in the home with BioGeometrical balancing strips applied to the electrical panels. In that way, the quality of the electrical energy is changed at the source, and it is beneficial throughout the whole house. BioGeometry® differs from other systems that work to reduce the quantity of detrimental frequencies; instead it works with the quality of energies. For example, the Stetzerizer filter greatly reduces the quantity of EMFs present but does not totally remove them. Any amount of EMF is detrimental to humans.
  • Change the quality of the energy in the computers and TVs in the house, again with special BioGeometry attachments, so that they will not emit damaging energy to the persons using them. We also have BioGeometry attachments for cellphones to reduce and change the quality of the damaging effects of the frequencies present in the cellphones.
  • Change the quality of the energy present in the water (which is electrical since it is coming though the ground and is channelled through the copper pipes into the building), so that when one takes a shower or drinks water, he or she is not subjected to detrimental electrical energy. We apply special BioGeometry balancing strips at the source, where the pipe comes into the house.

Intermediate Stage of Harmonization

In this phase all windows and mirrors will be balanced with BioGeometry® attachments. This will transform the quality of the energy that enters through the windows from the outdoors and will also balance the detrimental effects of mirrors.

Advanced Stage of Harmonization

In this stage a special BioGeometry® balancing wheel is used to change the quality of the detrimental effects of the substances in fabrics, carpets, paint, furniture, glass, tile, granite or any other materials present.

The procedure is carried out by taking a tiny sample of the material and placing it in the appropriate position in the BioGeometry® wheel. This procedure has the effect of removing the toxicity of the chemical used in the manufacturing of the specific item and of adding BG3 to the material so that it will radiate positive energy into the house.

This will ensure a thorough harmonization of the whole house, especially for those people who are allergic or sensitive to chemical substances.

A follow-up to each procedure will ensure that the BioGeometry application is successful and any adjustments implemented as necessary.



BioGeometry® is a registered trademark of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.