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"We engaged Dr. Alberghini to design and supervise the building of a spectacular new solarium and roof garden. Dr. Alberghini has supervised all of our projects with honesty and efficiency. He has always met our taste in design and has worked within our budget. He has also consistently demonstrated a keen sense of proportion and sensitivity to the integrity of the existing structure. Our most recent project, the Solarium on our second floor, is like a year-round garden – an indoor space that is filled with light and has a serene relaxing beauty."

Barbara Willis Sweete, Founding Partner & Director, Rhombus Media Inc.; and Eugene Watts, Founding Partner & Trombonist, The Canadian Brass, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Cabbage Town, Toronto, Canada
Size: 400 sq. ft.

Substantial renovations conducted by Alberghini Architect Inc. over the past 10 years have transformed this residence into a home that the owners’ call their own “private paradise.”

The most recent project, a solarium on the second floor, has created a year-round garden. There is a natural flow, a continuum, between the indoors and nature.

The owners say that the space has a serene relaxing beauty and has become an inspiring work space as well as a retreat from their busy schedules. Additionally, they are sleeping more soundly in the adjacent master suite. They attribute all of these benefits to the fact that the solarium was designed and built using BioGeometry®.





BioGeometry® is a registered trademark of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.