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“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the use of BioGeometry®, as practiced by Dr. Alberghini in all buildings, especially the ones that are dedicated to healing purposes. The integrity of the approach to nature and sensitivity to the laws of building according to energy patterns inherent naturally in the Earth makes this approach unique and effective.”

Lise Emond, ND,
Specialiste en analyse N.E.S,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Lear Healing and
Recreational Centre,
West Milford, New Jersey, USA

The complex comprises 6,000 sq. ft. of healing facilities with indoor and outdoor spaces located on a hill above a lake on a 100 acres property that included a large lake. The complex has been designed with BioGeometrical principles in order to have the best energy quality to enhance the healing process of the users. The construction is under way and completion date is planned for Fall 2012.





BioGeometry® is a registered trademark of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.