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“Mr. Alberghini was able to make all of his submissions and project work to us on time and was highly available and responsive to all requests. Most importantly, his use of BioGeometry® concepts has truly made a difference to my patients and staff. Within the first month of occupying the space, staff commented on a general sense of health, and each person who enters the space comments on its peacefulness and professionalism. That sense of well-being has continued throughout the past year of being in this space. We have also subsequently completed a full electromagnetic and radio-frequency field assessment for the space, which has shown the space meets or exceeds Bioinitiative report standards for EMF/RF emissions.”

Eric Marsden, BSc, ND,
Marsden Centre of Naturopathic Excellence, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


Naturopathic Clinic
Maple, Ontario, Canada
Size: 8,000 sq. ft.

After having experienced the beneficial effects in other buildings that we have designed with BioGeometry®, the client, a well-known Naturopathic Doctor, requested that his clinic be designed with these principles.

The clinic occupies 8,000 sq. ft. of space at the ground and second floors of a mixed-use building. It includes a large reception and waiting room, three consultation offices, two treatment rooms, a laboratory for specimen tests, an "IV" room with nursing station, a spa with special sauna, two offices for management and accounting, and a lecture hall. The front section of the clinic is dedicated to naturopathic products, with a health bar and kitchen for special food preparation and healing teas.

The Doctors working in the clinic and the patients all acknowledge the sense of a peaceful environment with positive energy that helps the healing process in the clinic.





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