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"Dr. Alberghini is one of a few qualified architects to include BioGeometry® in his designs, and within my home he included many very subtle adjustments to the angle of a step, a wall, the wiring, etc., that provide a special balance and harmony to the overall quality of the structure. I highly recommend the use of this science in the design of any home as the added dimension that it provides takes very little adjustment to a plan and the results are very positive in their subtle influence."

Homeowner, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Royal York, Toronto, Canada
Size: 1,200 sq. ft.

When the interior of this residence was destroyed by a fire, there was an opportunity to transform the cramped rooms into an open-concept and contemporary space. The challenge was to work within the original footprint to maintain the foundations and the previous setbacks from property lines, as the new setbacks would have further restricted the already limited footprint.

The interior was re-configured to add a half-storey at the rear, creating a second-floor loft master suite. Guest quarters were created on the lower level. The main floor interior was opened up to a two-storey high foyer and living room, which greatly expanded the feeling of space in this 1,200 sq. ft. home.

The house is designed with BioGeometrical principles, and the energy and well-being is felt inside and outside as a result. After the house was finished, the street and the neighbourhood started changing, with a resulting harmonious scale and appearance that was not present before the rebuilding. The client attributes this transformation to the influence of BioGeometry®.





BioGeometry® is a registered trademark of BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd.