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“Mr. Alberghini's ideas meshed with ours almost immediately. He was able to develop a plan that solved many of the problems that we were unable to solve, to our satisfaction, previously. We were very impressed with his knowledge and experience. His clear understanding of materials, structure, light, style and function resulted in expeditiously prepared drawings of a proposal. Frankly, there were some surprises but the clear advantages in what Mr. Alberghini proposed, quickly became compelling. Having now lived with this design for some time, it is hard to imagine a better solution. We would strongly recommend Mr. Alberghini as an architect who is perceptive, thoughtful as well as creative.”

Patricia E. Wright and
James D. Sanders
Ontario, Canada


Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Size: 9,500 sq. ft.

Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, this home is designed to maximize the views of the water. While the street facade has limited fenestration to ensure privacy, the rear facade is completely glazed and allows an uninterrupted view of the lake.

The client desired a plan that would provide a grand entertainment space, featuring an indoor pool, fountains and rock gardens as a continuation and reinforcement of the outdoor landscape.

A sweeping semi-circular staircase leads down from the main floor to the entertainment area, and up to the second-floor bridge that connects the two bedroom wings. The bridge is covered with a vaulted frescoed ceiling.





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